Agreed bundle

If there is any doubt about this, enquiries should be directed to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office International Legal Matters Unit, Consular Division with a view to ensuring that the country from which the evidence is to be taken raises no objection to it at diplomatic level.

You may also ask the Tribunal for an extension to be on the safe side. Its convenience should not therefore be allowed to dictate its use. The Tribunal has long recognised this reality and taken a fair and practical approach to the submission of late bundles and evidence.

It is important that a label should also be stuck on Agreed bundle the front inside cover of a file, in such a way that it can be clearly seen even when the file is open. More often than not, a court bundle can be several thousand pages. VCF may be a convenient way of dealing with any part of proceedings: The judge will be irritated by finding it impossible to turn to pages to which reference is made.

Stick to the deadline for filing the indexed bundle at court. The efficient preparation of bundles of documents is very important.

White Book Updating Service

Similarly, at the conclusion of the hearing, he will ordinarily leave the local site while both sites are still on line. Failure to attend the trial 2.

If there are numerous bundles, a core bundle should be prepared containing the core documents essential to the proceedings, with references to the supplementary documents in the other bundles. This will provide a useful back-up if there is any reduction in sound quality during the transmission.

For this it may be preferable to retain the original numbering with each bundle represented by a separate divider.

Witness statements will invariably stand as their evidence in chief, and witnesses will be asked to confirm the truth of their statements in the bundle. To place before the court all the relevant Agreed bundle material to which reference will be made at the trial or other hearing.

Or; after, Before me the witness to the mark of the deponent having been first sworn that he had read over etc. To give you an idea of the size of the task, a very small court bundle might run to several hundred pages. However, the court may direct the delivery of bundles earlier than this.

To enable the hearing to proceed smoothly and expeditiously. L odging the bundle The court will need to be satisfied that any equipment provided by the parties for use at the local site and also that at the remote site is of sufficient quality for a satisfactory transmission.

Do not wait until the day of the trial or hearing to produce these documents.It may not be practical in many appeals to require there to be an agreed trial bundle but it nevertheless remains vital that the parties inform each other at an early stage of all and any documentation upon which they intend to rely.

CaseLines vastly simplified the time and costs of bundle preparation. The ability to access case documents from any device, enabling working from home, and while commuting – impossible with tens of thousands of printed pages – was invaluable.


The bundle should read like a book so that the story unfolds, as it will in court. In ancillary relief cases, it is obligatory to include in the bundle a draft or summary of the order sought (see paragraph of the PD).

In the absence of any express condition regarding the inclusion of any of the documents in the agreed bundle of the documents, Judge Peh Swee Chin opined that: 1. Agreed BOD means that the documents therein are AUTHENTIC and do exist, therefore there is no need to proof the authenticity of the document by calling the makers etc 2.

be the first to know about special offers and new merch. join the list!. Timetable for preparing the bundle Preparation of the bundle is often left until the last minute to potentially save on the cost of having to prepare it.

This naturally can cause the person left to the task some difficulties, to put it mildly.

Agreed bundle
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